Pepe Moreno

Pepe Moreno is a world-renowned author, artist, designer, and gaming entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in traditional and digital art forms and entertainment media. He is a digital pioneer and is best known as the creator of Batman: Digital Justice, the first-ever digital graphic novel and the second-best-selling in the history of comics. He has also been responsible for many other industry firsts, and his works such as Rebel, Gene Kong, and Generation Zero have been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

He is the President of Digital Fusion Inc., a design and development studio in Los Angeles and the driving force behind BeachHead (beachhead 2000), one of the most long-standing cult video game titles of the last three decades.

His creative impatience and integrity bring about an art aesthetic that is uniquely his own, both in content and form and his artwork is sought by collectors all over the world. Pepe's pioneering work in the digital arts makes his NFT collections to be considered some of the most valuable in the world.

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A life time of creative impatinece and inspiration

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